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Do something for a year and it’ll definitely become a habit

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I was hungry, so I decided to eat.

That’s my writing analogy: no more excuses, just effort, and results. I didn’t order takeout. I walked to the kitchen and got to work.

This month marks one year of writing on Medium. In July of 2020, I made a whopping $3.31. I was stoked then, but I’m even more stoked now.

This is my best month ever on Medium (I’m close to $100 and will screenshot an update at the end of July). As a side hustle, I’d hardly consider blogging here as a money maker. However, I’ve had a vision…

What you need to understand in order to navigate unknowns

Two people talk in an RV.
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Everything you have now is what you once wanted.

It took time, effort, sweat, and maybe even some tears, but here you are. Steve from Blue’s Clues reminds us how far we’ve come from being curious children to full-functioning adults. It’s impressive when you think about it.

If you’re not as well-off as you’d like to be, keep reading.

Internal versus external problems

What are you dealing with right now?

It could be something minor, like your favorite shirt getting stained or something significant, like losing a family member. Our lives are chock full of problems. That’s why capitalism exploits our every need. …

What this means for content creators moving forward

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Linkedin is still trying to figure out its place in the metaverse.

At first, they were the premier platform for the business-minded individual. It was a pedestal to brag about ROI numbers and short-sighted claims that the office is the best place to work.

Things have changed.

Users went from posting snoozefest inspirational content to short-form blog posts that help people, polls asking for honest opinions, and even selfies of workforce employees taking much-needed vacations.

Now, LinkedIn is following up on its promise to compete with the likes of Quora and Facebook to pay its content creators.

How is it…

Apply these habits to feel like an accomplished individual.

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I used to waste hours staring at my Robinhood account.

I’d watch the lines go up and down, and the results bled into my daily life. It never mattered if I had a green or red day. All my days felt like red ones, even when I finished a shift, worked out, ate healthily, and wrote a blog post.

I determined my value based on my productivity. Productivity is a crutch.

Productivity fatigue is real and wears us down, making us feel like a bag of beans even when we get things done. …

There’s a new world out there, and it can be frightening.

Astronaut stuck on an empty planet.
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I’m finally moving away from Los Angeles.

It was a long time coming, honestly. I flirted with the idea in college when I moved to the neighboring county, but I could drive home in an instant to ask my dad to do my laundry.

This is the real deal. I’m moving to a completely different state. I’ll be paying my own rent for the first time, buying my first car, and responsibly cooking all my meals. I wanted out of this town for four years, and now that I’m leaving, doubt is knocking on my door.

But I won’t let…

Use think-outside-of-the-box freelance method

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Finding freelance work is like going to the Cheesecake Factory.

After pouring over the massive menu and turning the server away three times because you don’t know what to order, you resort to the one thing you’ve tried before. You could pick anything, but you’re overwhelmed.

So you want to be a freelancer, eh? The 9–5 office lifestyle doesn’t suit you, hmm? I don’t blame you. Wasting away on an open-floor office plan isn’t how I want to go either, but I’d be knee-deep in a full-time job if it weren’t for my clients and my nagging side-hustles.

But that’s…

Here’s a simple strategy anyone can follow

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Like other writers, I doubted myself when I first started.

When I was a kid, my mom thought I should start a blog. She bought me a book about creating a website, picking a niche, and writing on the internet. I didn’t know what any of it meant.

It felt like bloggers just wrote on the internet, and if they were lucky, people read their content. I wanted to give it a try, but I didn’t know what in the world to write about. All I knew was how to write an essay for a teacher.

After a while, I…

“The office separates work and home life”

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If the office had legs, it wouldn’t be able to stand on its own two feet.

We saw what happened during the pandemic: WeWork almost went out of business, offices big and small shut down, and previously established remote workers had the last laugh. Regular ‘ol employees also realized they could do their jobs from the comfort of their own homes.

On top of that, they were 13% more productive than they were in classic office settings. …

The rise and fall of platforms isn’t new

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I’m upset, but that doesn't mean I’m disappointed.

Just as I felt like I was getting the hang of my writing, the niches I like writing about, and the content my audience wants, a dangling piano snapped off from the roof above me and comically flattened my ego.

Publications are falling off this platform left and right. Two in particular, with recognizable blue logos, aren’t accepting new stories anymore. That sucks, but I understand why. If I weren’t ready for it, I’d be a fool.

Advice you should’ve heard day one

As a content creator, you don’t own your audience unless:

  • You run your own website

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